Clarrie Feinstein is a multimedia journalist. She recently earned her MA from the Arthur L. Carter Institute for Journalism at New York University.

Clarrie is particularly interested in investigative and hard news reporting within her local home-city Toronto, and her new home New York City. After doing extensive travel, she began photography in order to capture vibrant and unique global communities. 

As a writer she believes it is vital to write about subjects that are often marginalized and unappreciated in the hopes of making the public aware and knowledgeable about their local environments. 


Press freedom is the cornerstone of a democratic, civil society, which is a right taken for granted in North America. But as 'fake news' threatens this civil liberty, the fourth estate is in a vulnerable position. Clarrie wants to continue to write on stories that serve the public and lead to informed public discourse and hopefully action. 

It is Clarrie's mission to ensure that news output is reliable, ethical, and responsible - providing news stories that hold the powerful to account and shed light on the most threatened in our societies. 

"Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth." -Albert Camus